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Leather Bracelets

Tomsey Leather Bracelets

The classic leather just got trendier
The leather accessories back in the day were an absolute far cry from what they are today. Sure, they looked classy and sophisticated. But that was about it - anything beyond that could not be expected from leather accessories. Luckily, that’s not the case today.

Fashion accessories in leather are one of the contemporary pieces of jewellery one can own and present a gift to a loved one. The clean and suave styling is just one of the aspects that make them so appealing. It’s also the ease of wearing and adjustability that newer accessories are coming out with that make them an absolute must-have in your jewellery box

The grandeur vogue
If you’re looking for a gift option for a special man in your life - be it a friend, brother or relative - a leather bracelet is something you just cannot go wrong with. Even if he isn’t one to wear such things, the sleek style of a leather band will simply make him want to give it a try.

What’s more? Other styles like beads and anchors can be found well integrated into the leather bands to produce a wonderful fusion you would not want to say no to. In fact, you can even look for bands that have a certain balance of the two styles you are looking for - meaning even more variety! Because...

Who says leather can’t have variety?
Gone are the days when leather ornaments didn’t offer variety in even the colours they offered. Leahter bracelets at Tomsey are a collection of some sweet and suave styles that will leave you in awe.

We’ve got larger cuffs for a bolder statement. Rope bracelets for the rugged man. Anchor bracelets for a classical style. Braided ones for the sturdy men and the beaded bracelets for the outlandish ones. And then there are the multilayered bracelets for the evergreen ‘rouge’ look. Yeah, you will run out of looks and occasions but we will still have variety to offer your way!

So just sit back and take a look around our collection to find the one that suits your mood and taste. All you have to do is place the order - leave the rest to us. Oh and by the way, the price you see there is the price you pay for your jewellery. No extra charges for shipping - we promise.