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Leather Necklaces

Tomsey Leather Necklaces

The distinct way of style
Leather and necklace isn’t a combination one hears a lot when styling or gifting are being talked about for men. Yet we see a steady rise in men sporting them on occasion to make a trendy style statement. If you’re looking to join the pack and become a trendsetter yourself - good thing we have you covered.

If necklaces are your fancy, then we would like you to try out our collection of leather necklaces once! Because they come in such versatile variety that you would want to try them out even if they aren’t your thing!

Leather isn’t just your belt and wallet
Leather accessories often get limited to belts and wallets! There are bracelets, sure. But necklaces are a less tried trend - mostly because people don’t want harsh leather on their soft skin. Which is why the leather necklaces we offer will be the softest and the smoothest pieces of jewellery you will put around your neck.

As for the style - as it’s always been with leather - expect nothing short of majestic and extravagant style that defines you. Paired with leather are pendants of your choice - cross, patterned tooth, horn, sun - you name it. Leather necklaces are simply a must-have for your collection!

Variety gifts for the unsure
If you are unsure what to gift a friend or family member and are planning on some fashion accessories - why don’t you give some leather necklaces a try? They are classy enough for anyone’s taste and versatile enough for all kinds of preferences. There isn’t much you have to worry about here.

But if you are still unsure, we have got necklaces that double as bracelets so you can rest assured that the one receiving the gift can at least put it to one of the uses if not both. AND he is sure to appreciate your effort of presenting him with something so trendy and cool.

Tomsey’s collection of leather necklaces speaks for itself. We are presenting you with quality and style that is not easy to find. The quality of our products is only matched by our top-of-the-line services. We dispatch your order the same day from our Sussex store and we don’t even charge anything extra for the shipping. Because we believe the price you see listed for the product should be the final price you pay. No secrets between you and us.