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Rope Bracelets

Tomsey Rope Bracelets

For a look of roguish charm what could be the easiest fashion accessory to get your hands on (or to get on your hands)? Something you know will just jibe with all your clothes and looks? Well, it’s a rope bracelet! Why? You may ask… It’s because it lends you the perfect blend of fashion that is masculine enough for your taste and stylish enough to look absolutely amazing on you.
Rope bracelets are a must-have in every man’s jewellery box. Especially if you aren’t big on those “out-there” styles like necklaces and earrings, but you do want your fashion statement to be definite and not dull. A rope bracelet is the kind of accessory that becomes so inherent to you that you wouldn’t want to do away with it.
A look so rugged.
Fashion for men has always been a tricky field! You want accessories that are
trendy, out there, suave and outlandish. But you also want them to be masculine enough! That is indeed a hard line to walk. While it is true that how one carries it is what makes an accessory work (or not work in some cases), it also wouldn’t hurt if your jewellery was just so easy to wear and sport!
That is exactly the kind of perfect blend rope bracelets are and you will surely love to get one for yourself once you browse through Tomsey’s exquisite collection.
Perfect starter
Yes they are! They are the perfect starters for the ones unsure of what styles they want. For the ones unsure of what to gift loved ones. For the ones who have never given thought to styling themselves.
Rope bracelets are the right first steps towards a fashionable you. If you just can’t decide what to pick for yourself - just pick one of these and you are good to go. If you have a preference for yourself - like anchors, layers or leather - even better because you can simply choose better for yourself then.
So don’t wait anymore - get shopping to pick a bracelet that matches your style. And yes, we do understand the dread that accompanies shopping for accessories online - the unnecessary shipping charge. So we take it upon ourselves to deliver your products free of charge right at your doorstep. Which won’t take long as we ship the products from our Sussex store on the same day. Happy Shopping!